The  construction company EURODOM was organized in 2001,  and has successfully been working in the construction market in Spain for over 15 years. In a few years the company has grown from a small construction company to a successful Holding creating a name for itself in the market of construction and finishing services in Spain.


One of the features of our company is the building of luxury homes. The project can be done as "turnkey contract", as well as distinguishing between the various stages of construction. EURODOM has developed dozens of successful projects, such as the construction of luxury villas in the elite areas of Spain as well as the design, reform and construction of several restaurants. Today, EURODOM as a construction company is an organization that has at its disposal a strong technical base, an established and proven infrastructure, as well as a team of skilled workers that are all experts in their fields. Each one of us has also a professional education in our field, allowing the resolution of any task that may come our way. 


The company EURODOM guarantees the high quality of our services and a prompt execution of the work, as we understand that saving the client´s time is as important as saving the economy and the ressources.We do our work so that our customers recommend us the day of tomorrow and therefore treat the construction process in the same way as the formation of our own image. 


We create projects that are suitable for you, and select the optimal ways to make them a reality.